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The Corner of Commerce and Artistry

I was recently re-watching one of my old favorite shows (Dream On), and a scene from it struck me right between the eyes. In it, a book editor is lobbying for what he views as a great book – a coming of age story of a girl in World War II Europe.… [more]

3 Books That Will Change Your Songwriting

Everyone needs to learn something new in order to grow – especially in a craft like songwriting. There was a Nike shirt I had once that said “There is no finish line” – at least as far as it applies to art, I couldn’t agree more. … [more]

Steamed Tomatoes: Women in The Music Industry

This week’s post is actually a guest blog, and comes from the incredibly talented and always insightful Sarah Spencer.  After hearing so many similar complaints echoed by women in the music industry, I asked Sarah if she could offer her unique perspective.[more]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Being a Pro

sup Babe

I’m going to be perfectly frank, this is an awkward post to make for me. Partially because I feel – as a male – it isn’t entirely my place to talk about it, but also because some of this shouldn’t even need to be stated.… [more]

How to Ruin a Song Pitch

Four Things that Could Be Secretly Sinking You


1. Talking Yourself Down

A lot of writers are humble, quiet, and avoid the limelight. Some aren’t very good with people skills or networking (one reason some have become writers in the first place).… [more]

Show Etiquette

Spock Wonderwall

 5 Tips To Instantly Make You More Professional

If you’re an artist/writer, doing shows is a given – even if you’re simply a writer with no designs on a record deal, performing out at least sometimes is a given. It’s a great way to meet potential co-writers and friends, and a great way to gauge audience reaction to your songs.… [more]

The Gordon Ramsay Secret to Songwriting

Gordon Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay is a pro at what he does – he has an extremely high bar, he knows his craft inside and out, and he does not put up with people who don’t take the art seriously. He’s famous for colorfully flipping out on TV, of course, but I’ve never seen him do it unnecessarily.… [more]

Pioneers Wanted

Why Sticking to the Middle of the Pack Could Be Holding You Back


As humans, we have a herd mentality, and with good reason. Speaking from an evolutionary perspective, a single human is liable to wander off and never come back – perhaps getting killed by predators or the harsh elements.… [more]

The Nashville Handshake

When I was new to town, and passing out my cards like floss at a dentist’s office, one guy in particular stuck out to me. I had just watched him perform and really admired his writing, so I struck up a conversation.… [more]

Three Ways You Can Get Organized To Help Your Songwriting

Your eyes are glazing over at this title. I can see it. Organization? Pffft. That’s not art. That’s not important. But believe me, it is. It’s not the “fun” part of being a songwriter, but if you want to be a professional, it’s absolutely essential.… [more]

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