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I can’t tell you how often artists ask “How do I pay for my album?” I even have frustrated friends in this boat, and I empathize. It’s difficult to come up with the money for a top flight album, and the costs can be staggering. There’s not only hiring a recording studio, producer, and engineer, there’s also artwork and mastering  – not even counting pressing the CD itself or getting it on iTunes.  Few musicians have the luxury of being able to front those expenses themselves. So how can this be done? One answer is crowdfunding – with the advent of websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the idea of asking your fans and supporters to throw in some cash for your project has hit the mainstream.

Unfortunately, things can be a bit less straightforward than many of us would hope – I’ve watched extremely successful indie campaigns, and seen some sputter and fail. There’s a bit of a science to doing this the right way, and there can be a lot of information to wade through.

Recently, a friend approached me with a solution to this issue – he created a course called “Crowdfunding For Musicians“. I don’t normally endorse products on my blog, but this case is different: I believe this course can actually help many struggling artists out there. I have personally reviewed the materials and found them to be concise, down to earth, and most importantly helpful. It’s also priced reasonably – the base level course is only $49! A couple hundred more gets you advanced features as well as a pro mentorship.

My friend graciously offered me an exclusive coupon code for my readers as well – by typing in SONGSMITHING20 you can get 20% off at checkout.

I’ll be back in 2017 with more helpful posts – in the meantime, have a fun and creative holiday season!