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3 Great Songwriting Organizations You Should Know About – And How To Join Them


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If you’re looking to take the next step in your songwriting career, songwriting organizations are the first place you should look. They serve many purposes, and all of them are important – connecting with potential co-writers, connecting you with industry people, and offering career advice and song critiques, just to name a few.… [more]

Read ‘Em And Weep: All Your Favorite Bands

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Every once in a while I come across songs that just stun me for one reason or another – the lyrics, the melody, the hook. Nine times out of ten, these songs wind up on my ipod, and I listen to them over and over – trying to figure out what makes them special.[more]

Critiquing the Critiques

The most surefire way to know if a song is ready is to get the opinions of some industry pros – or at the very least, someone you respect. You can completely skip this process, of course – but if you do, you may find that you spend thousands on a killer demo of a song that could have been a lot better.… [more]

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